Why I Think These Concealers are Great for acne-prone skin, Drawing From My Own Experience

I can’t continue to give a damn about my acne! These brats are popping up fortnightly and sadly, after breaking two M.A.C concealer bottles successively, I thought I will give up on them. But hey, I am not a quitter! I can’t surely admit defeat to my acne and can’t let them popping out off my medium coverage CC cream into visibility every damn time. That’s ugly. The only road map to a perfect make up is concealing your problem areas (read blemishes, pigments and acne). Generally, not every concealer is adept in hiding your breakouts. Even worse, a wrong concealer can make them look hideous. I figured, these undermentioned concealers can do more than decent job in adding texture to your skin and providing required coverage over lines, pores, acne and acne scars. Read on below:

Clinique Acne Solutions Clearing Concealer:

I can’t stop gushing over this product because this is perfect for those who have acne-prone skin like me. This adds a greenish tint that covers redness.  This Salicylic acid infused concealer unclogs your pores and you can feel that your skin is breathing.

Buy here

Nutrogena Skin Clearing Blemish Concealer:

Medium coverage is just about fine for a regular working day. This product is fragrance-free and comes with a practical applicator which makes your work easier. You can target your problem areas just simply dabbing the applicator sponge against it. Further, the customary salicylic acid content helps unclog the pores.

NYX Professional Makeup HD Photogenic Concealer Wand:

I will stand up and give two thumbs-up to NYX products. They just tug at my heartstrings all the frigging time. Ranging from Lippies to concealers, I am in awe! Well, this concealer is a thing. It is extremely affordable and keeps your skin hydrated. This provides a natural coverage and NEVER ever gets cakey, the best part of it.

Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid:

Guess what? It neutralises your redness with soft hands. As for the ingredients, it consists of Vitamin C and E which ensures a protection of your skin. This concealer works wonders on the angry stare of your stubborn acne. This neutralising and correcting fluid is a Must try!

Here are some tried and tested methods to use your concealer like a ..pro!

Hydrate: Make sure to drink plenty of water in a day. More, when you applying your make-up, always start with a hydrating face mask followed by a moisturiser. It will help you avoid the skin flakes that may appear.

Prepare your canvas: Those with acne-prone skin are recommended to apply a thin layer of setting powder before applying your make-up. This will extend the life of your makeup by providing a protective barrier to your skin’s excess oil. You will have a smooth canvas to apply foundations or concealers afterwards.

Always apply primer: The application of primer makes sure your concealer blends into your skin perfectly. Furthermore, it will bring a more natural finish to your entire make-up.

Please don’t go overboard with concealers to hide your redness because it will drive things worse by getting cakey. Treat the problem areas smartly with some extra coverage and you are good to go.


Dia Mirza Spills The Beans on Her Flawless Dewy Make-up Look Here

We always wanted to get our head around those naturally flawless everyday make-up looks of the celebs and Dia Mirza came to the rescue!

This Bollywood diva who has many a hits in her kitty, has given us major skin goals. If you too are love-struck by her Instagram feed where she proudly flaunts her sunkissed glow. Over the years, after being a part of the glamour industry, Dia has mastered some major make-up hacks to nail that no-make up dewy glow.

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Dia talks about how going minimal can help you stand out. In the customary primer-foundation-setting powder-contour make-up regime, she has managed to showcase her sheer genius.

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I always thought that she had spent hours in a day to take care of her skin for that dewy glow which, I believe she sure does. However, I am really amazed to know how some simple tricks can really make you look like the diva that she is!

How To Tap Into Your Happy Chemicals: Dopamine, Serotonin, Endrophins and Oxytocin

A fact which you won’t know is that there are happy chemicals in your body. Those are waiting for you to unleash them so as to ensure a happy state of mind. The ones in question are, Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endrophins. You can sow a happiness tree by hacking into these chemicals. These are the neurotransmitters that wait to be prodded and poked to usher you into positivism.

By far, you have probably read many articles on how a positive state of mind is essential to remain motivated and amplify your productivity. In short, being happy fuels your entire well-being. Here under are some simple tricks to channelise these neurochemicals in a positive order:

How Dopamine helps you acquire a happy state of mind:

You will take strides towards achieving your goals once you activate your Dopamine. You will be able to tide over problems like procrastination, self-doubt and lack of enthusiasm with a high flow of Dopamine. According to studies, those with low Dopamine levels have always opted for easier options and pick things that are less rewarding, mostly concerning food. On the contrary, the ones that have higher level of Dopamine employed the effort needed to consume double the amount of food.  

With higher Dopamine level, you will be able to break big goals down to shorter fragments. When you achieve the shorter goals with the help of Dopamine, you will not get tired until the big finish line is achieved. When you achieve shorter goals, it is essential to celebrate whether by buying a bottle of wine or heading out for a dinner in your favourite restaurant.

You will also have to avoid the Dopamine hangover which tends to happen when you achieve a massive high. The only way out of this problem is creating a fresh goal before you achieve the past one. It will ensure a consistent pattern for experiencing Dopamine. If you are an employer or a leader, you need to recognise the accomplishments of your team or send them encouraging e-mails that will help them break newer grounds. This will increase your own Dopamine levels and you will feel more motivated in the future.

How a high Serotonin level accentuates your positivity:

When someone makes you feel important or wanted, your Serotonin level is at its peak. In the same manner, you are likely to feel lonely and depressed if your Serotonin levels are low. A low Serotonin level leads people into doing criminal activities. So, arguably, the culture and soceity also have a major role to play in facilitating the Serotonin release. If you see someone who is vying for attention unnecessarily, it is because they have a dangerously high amount of Serotonin. According to Princeton Neuroscientist Barry Jacobs, most antidepressants aim at the production of Serotonin.

When you introspect about your past achievements, the experiences are rekindled in your brain. Your brain oscillates between what is real and what is imaginery and has trouble differentiating. Serotonin in produced in both the cases. The best way to hack into your Serotonin after a stressful day is to take a few moments and reflect on your past achievements.

Another simple method of releasing your Serotonin is sun-exposure. Allow yourself a sun exposure for about 20 minutes while you have lunch or coffee outside. Meanwhile, your skin will absorb the UV Rays which boosts the Vitamin D and Serotonin production.

How Oxytocin can land you into a happy psyche:

When you are in a relationship, Oxytocin flow is important because it creates intimacy, trust and power to strengthen the relationship. Oxytocin is generally released in both men and women during they are experiencing orgasm. The mothers that are breastfeeding, experience a high flow of Oxytocin too. The men and women that have high level of Oxytocin are likely to remain faithful in a relationship too, studies say. In short, Oxytocin is your key to a healthy relationship.

This chemical is often referred to as ‘the cuddle hormore’. When you give someone a hug, your Oxytocin flows naturally. According to Dr. Paul Zak, the inter-personal touch has a great role to play in releasing Oxytocin. Further, it alleviates the cardiovascular stress and helps improve the immune system too. Dr. Paul Zak recommends at least eight hugs a day for a healthy flow of Oxytocin.

How to deploy your Endrophins to earn you a peaceful state of mind:

Endorphins work to assuage your anxiety. Whenever you are in pain or stress, your Endorphins will rush to fight that. The runners and those who work-out, experience a high level of Endrophin. Endrophin is akin to Morphine which acts as a combination of analgesic and sedative which blurs the perception of pain.

Apart from exercising, you can release your Endorphins by simply LOL-ing. In fact, attenting a comedy show itself boosts your Endorphin levels. The people that have a great sense of humour and make others laugh by forwarding funny e-mails have their Endorphins flowing consistently.

Aromatherapy can also help you boost your Endorphin levels. When you smell Vanilla or Lavendar, your Endorphin productions are magnified. Having said that, when you consume dark chocolate or gorge on spicy food, your brain will automatically release Endorphins. For a quick Endorphins boost, keep some scented oils and dark chocolates at your desk.

This is an inspirational TED Talk delivered by Wendy Suzuki where she speaks about the overall benefits of working out including the release of Endorphins in your body

In your pursuit to meet your happy chemicals, you evolve as a better person. I am going to try these methods ASAP, will you?

This block guides you into the right processes of releasing your happy chemicals

Home Decor: Fab Ideas On Outdoor Lounge

Skylight covered with glass ceiling with a marvelous appearance of the space. Traditional form of sitting arrangements for the patio.

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My patio last summer – longing for this🖤

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Covered ceiling with thin dried branches of trees providing the atmosphere an African village appearance.

Nothing can be so soothing and comfortable to sit and enjoy cups of coffee sitting on a sofa under the tree.

Outstanding creation based on Triangular arch and Round arch formation on circular pillars with tile layered flooring.

The Best Street Style Fashion Picks from Paris Fashion Week 2019

The snow of the highly coveted fashion weeks like New York (8th February-16th February), London (15h February-19th February) and Milan (19th February-25th February) have thawed and now the fashion world will roll into the fourth and final destination of fashion month, the French Capital. The twinkly-eyed fashion enthusiasts have set their eyes on the iconic fashion houses like Chanel, Dior and promising newcomers like Jacquemus and Marine Serre who are gearing up to showcase their F/W 19 collections this week. Both on and off the runways, there will be a lot of Parisian-inspired styles and we are completely rooting for it!

With consolidated positivism, we are waiting for Celine, where Heidi Slimane will present his second runway collection for the house. People are also anticipating Pierpaolo Piccioli’s fresh leash of designs at Valentino which follows the SS19 couture show that left both singers Naomi Campbell and Celine Dion emotional.

To talk about Paris Street Style, it is everything about details, dramatic details at that! There are bewilderingly extravagant hair-accessories, eyeball-grabbing footwear or the new season IT bag (they take cues from the earthy shades and ‘90s shapes).

I have kept a weather eye on the fashion weeks lately and found that the most prettiest dresses have come from the house of Chloé and Dior. These are not only inspirational but was the most revered, I believe, among the industry insiders.

Here are some photos that are picked from from The Style Stalker which I completely adored.

I will take a moment and breathe. Meanwhile, you can visit PFW’s Instagram handle for some more of such incredible designs.

Have also checked out Valentino’s fall winter collection in 2019 PFW, cool AF!

The Periwinkle Hair Trend Set by Lady Gaga Will Rekindle Your Faith in Magic

Lady Gaga is now an internet buzzword for her recent steamy performance with Bradley Cooper in the Oscars. Gaga and Cooper together pulled off a convincing performance where they sat along, gazed into each other’s eyes and serenaded us with the Oscar winning song ‘Shallow’. Their intriguing performance, for a second, led us into believing that these two are romantically involved. Lady Gaga, however, put these rumours to rest in the late night chat show Jimmy Kimmel show when the host addressed the recent surge of speculations that these two might be dating.

However, Lady Gaga is well known for her out-of-the-box fashion sense but her contribution in the glamour milieu can’t be trifled with. She takes us by surprise every time with her looks, remember the meat dress?

Well, this year’s Golden Globe Awards on January 7, saw very ethereally fantastic hair that Lady Gaga wore. Her hair toed the line between dusty blue and fairy purple which was very unique. Goes without saying, her hue marked the start of a new beauty movement. After Lady Gaga sported this look in the Golden Globe awards, a wave of photos of periwinkle hair started taking the social media by storm.

The word ‘Periwinkle’ sounds magical and the way it looks is no different. People, nowadays are experimenting with every sort of hues when it comes to dying their hair. To tell you, nothing is off-limits for them. The trending hair colours range from ‘Red Velvet’, ‘Smoked Marshmallow’ to ‘Tinsel’ and ‘Slime Green’, every colour is having a huge moment in the fashion scene.

You can go technicolor or natural, you will have to make sure to turn heads as divas do! That is the thumb rule. We have also seen people getting rainbow stripes in their hair which looks fantastic in every bit!

The simplest option will be to dye your entire head in the same shade of Periwinkle. Start off from darker or lighter by slowly leaning towards more of a bluish Periwinkle or a purply one. Your colourist will be the best person to tell you which colour will go best with your looks.

In case if you are opting for a root-to-tip Periwinkle then you will require to bleach your head entirely. You will have to get your head around the trend completely for understanding your colour. Your stylist will guide you into the after-care as you dye your hair Periwinkle. There are specific kinds of shampoos and conditioners available in the market which will keep your periwinkle bright and your strands will seem healthier.

If you are looking to do a high-gloss effect, then you better look at this picture below which boasts of a pearlescent effect. It depends entirely on your stylist if he can achieve a Periwinkle shade with ‘Metallic’ hair dye which will give you a super-shiny glaze.

Go batshit crazy with Periwinkle!

Freida Pinto Talks About Her Red Carpet Look!

Now you too can hack into Freida Pinto’s Red Carpet Look with some easy tricks. In this tell-all video, Freida Pinto, the Slumdog Millionaire actress with a megawatt smile revealed the secrets to her seductive look. Pinto, who has made name for herself after starring alongside the likes of Christian Bale, Kate Blanchett and William Dafoe. After the groundbreaking success of Slumdog Millionaire, there was no looking back for Freida as she was paraded with numbers of movie projects.

Getting to the point, we pay a thousand revisits to the celebrity looks to figure out what make-up products have been used to create those seamlessly perfect cheeks or lustrous eyes. Or for that matter, what is the magic behind the make-up staying there intact for so long? Make-up will not seem like a hazardous enterprise after you are done watching this video.

Freida is a familiar face in Red Carpet and Vogue got this diva to recreate her Less is more make-up look all by herself in this video. We took cue from Frieda how to practise minimalism, less is more!

Thierry Mugler Exhibition in Montreal Features Garments for Dangerous Seductresses

French Designer Thierry Mugler took strides in his experiment with fashion. He is going to present his mordernized vision for “metamorphoses, superheroines and cyborgs” by showcasing around 150 outfits that are part of Thierry Mugler:Couturissime, in his first major exhibition in Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on 2nd March, 2019 at MMFA.

We can’t help swearing by the creative excellence of the house of Thierry Mugler. The powerful costumes made between 1977 and 2014 testify their designing prowess. Theirry Mugler is a revered fashion brand that revolutionised the fashion industry, particularly haute couture, with its theatrical designs.

The exhibition marks the first major retrospective of works by Mugler, ranging from 1977 to 2014. Photograph by Nicolas Ruel

Mugler’s area of expertise is creatively reusing materials like glass, chrome car parts and LED lights to develop his designs. Thierry Mugler is known for creating the most extravagant and gloriously over-the-top moments in the fashion industry. Some of his landmark designs include, Think Pat Cleveland dressed as the Madonna descending from the ceiling of Zénith Paris stadium or a vamping Linda Evangelista in the iconic video for George Michael’s Too Funky, which was directed by Mugler himself.

Mugler’s creations often featured daring silhouettes, like this outfit from his Les Insectes spring/summer 1997 collection. Photograph by Patrice Stable

According to the MMFA director general and chief curator Nathalie Bondil, “Metamorphoses, superheroines and cyborgs inhabit the work of this designer who perceived early on, and with considerable humour, the coming transhumanist revolutions,” He added, “His sleek, elegant creatures, his dangerous seductresses, populate a world of glamour at the edges of reality.”

You can read the entire history of Thierry Mugler here.

Meanwhile, we must say that we are simply jaw-dropped. Futuristic fashion eh?

The Best 7 Activity Trackers of 2019

Your activity trackers is a mini and wearable computer which measures all your fitness related metrics such as covered distance, steps, calorie consumption and even heartbeat. The chic bands double up as great accessories too that guide you during your workouts.

The market is inundated with activity trackers from various companies. The numbers are only multiplying leaving you spoilt for choices. Here are some handpicked activity trackers that are the bestsellers since 2018.

Fitbit Charge 2 Heart Rate+ Fitness Wristband:   

There are many reasons why this is the most coveted activity tracker in the market. I presume, you have already heard of this brand. This almost a market buzzword. Your Fitbit will come with an OLED display and a wrist based heart rate monitor. It has a silent vibrating alarm and tracks your sleep. Furthermore, it tracks total steps, distance, floors combined and other stats. Additionally, you can receive calls, texts, calendar alerts and reminders. Although you will have to pay a handsome money, I will still bat for this because not only this device started the fitness tracking trend but also its features are widely copied by other companies. Fitbit is worth every penny!

Check prices in amazon

Garmin 010-01225-00 Vivofit Fitness Band:

This one follows Fitbit in excellence. Garmin comes with a simple display with multiple colors. There are numerous features in this tracker that help you track down all the activities. It motivates you to get up and move around by counting calories that you burn throughout the day. The main highlight of this activity tracker is that it has a considerably long battery life. It will monitor your sleep and includes a ‘Move Bar’. But sadly, this doesn’t have a heart rate monitor.

Check prices in Amazon

EIISON Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor:

It comes with a great heart-rate monitor and sweat proof wrist band. The tracker is available in 5 different colors and the water resistant design is IP67 water resistance. The other smart functions include-auto-sleep monitoring, camera control, music control and find phone. It also includes SMS reminding, call reminder, incoming calls and reminders to move. There is a disadvantage too, it has the lack of detailed fitness tracking features.

Check prices in Amazon

Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband with Heart Rate Monitor:

It has a basic design but the OLED touchscreen display is intriguing. It has a black band and at the bottom of the band, there is a wrist based heart rate monitor. This has a multi-function activity tracker, vibrating alert, pedometer, distance tracking steps, calorie burning tracker and a sedentary reminder. However, the wrist based heart rate monitor doesn’t always provide accurate reading which is the biggest disadvantage.

Check Price in Amazon:

moreFit Fitness Tracker Slim Touch Screen Activity Health Tracker:

This has a comparatively narrow display than the other activity trackers which makes it unique. It features a slim design and comes in 6 colors. It is able to track steps, distance and total calories burned throughout the day. The wearer feels utmost comfort because of the sleek design. It comes with a silent vibrating alarm, call-text-calendar notifications. It is fairly affordable and is an excellent choice for those who have a tight budget.

Check price in Amazon

Teslasz Fitness Tracker Bluetooth 4.0 Sleep Monitor Calorie Counter:

Guess what? you can get this for less than $20. Of course, this is one of the least expensive yet powerful activity trackers available in the market. Besides the basic features, it comes with great Bluetooth connectivity which amazes the wearer. It includes a time clock, pedometer, calorie counter, distance counter and sleep monitor. Surprisingly, even if this is way less expensive than Fitbit, most people compare it to the tracking behemoth Fitbit.

Check price in Amazon

Polar A300 Fitness Tracker and Activity Monitor: 

If you don’t need heart-rate monitor and save money, go for this. It comes with a comfortable brand available in 4 colors (yellow, white, pink and black). The display has a large face which helps you read the information easily. It has features like a sleep tracker, vibrating inactivity alert, steps tracker and calorie calculator. You can connect this with your smartphone with Bluetooth or plug into your computer to charge or update info.

Check price in Amazon

The digital display in most activity trackers will show the time and your fitness details. But then, a display is not always necessary because you can check the activity on the given mobile application. The major task of an activity tracker is to sync the data in your mobile app to let you check everything from the app itself. What you really need to check in an activity tracker is the battery life. Most trackers use rechargeable batteries though some still use disposable batteries. Admittedly, those with no display will have longer battery life. Also, absence of a few less important features will drain a lot less battery too.

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