Bodycon for the win

More often than not, I have been dissuaded by my bona fide critics to wear a Bodycon dress as I always had a pear-shaped figure and the problem area was, pretty much easy to guess, the hip. However, after years of incessant training and sweating it out with irons in tow, working out at the gym with the trainer barking instructions in plainspeak, I managed a figure with which Bodycon can go down somewhat well. But to subscribe to the relentless beauty standards, I also had to define my problem areas by wearing a body-shaper underneath, wait! did I spell out the secret? Never mind that, honesty always pays off!

However, I always keep buying dresses one size below my size to push myself some more to workout in pursuit to fit into them, that’s my idea of setting goals and I did the same with this dress. It was months back when I bought this from StalkBuyLove and left it to be piled under my regular-wear tees and tanks. Thank god, volume sleeves didn’t abandon the fashion scene and the appliques too. I won’t say I have a drool-worthy figure to pull off a Bodycon but still strived to bring out the best of it. Being a Scorpion by zodiac, I have a deep fondness for everything mysterious and black being the repository of mystery, always catches my fancy. I could very well swarm my wardrobe with blacks but then again, that is not arguably right, because, people. And what to tell you about LBD (Little Black Dress), that is the holy grail of sex appeal and grabbing eyeballs. Well, I won’t say this is a particular LBD as I have way to go to don one, this black Bodycon fits me like a hug now and I am so proud of myself. You can roll your eyes and call me a narcissist now!


Coming to the shoes, I believe a woman can never have enough of them, and I keep jostling a new pair to settle down in the rack every fortnight, yes. Generally, Black is a neutral colour which looks best with both silver and golden and since the embroidered sleeves has many colours, I was spoilt for choices, I could wear a pair of Pink stilettoes but since this was a night out with the hubster, things had to be classy, so chose these pair of Silver heels from Dorothy Perkins instead.

Don’t be grappling with ideas in case you are looking to wear a Bodycon, get your basics right, make sure the dress covers your problem areas and the shoe compliments it like a true confidante. Selecting the shoes as per the occasion is an imperative; I will still vouch for simple and basic. That applies to the make-up also but here I am wearing the risqué Red Lipstick (M.A.C Rooby Woo). You can use body-shapers too if you are not as confident but trust me, Bodycons never let you down!


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