The Red Riding Hood

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As a little girl, we all had Fairy tales as the bed-time staples and The Little Red Riding Hood has been our distinct favourite. The epicentre of her power was the magical hooded cape that she wore and it was red in colour. When I was all of 10, I had an unflinching adulation for the colour Red but now as a grown up, I have a brain fade whenever a Red dress pops up in sight in the store while hunting for the best pick. I always dodge past Reds citing they are too flashy but while I am like that placid pond, who looks glassy and poised on the outer side, is as intense in the belly. I figure, Red signifies intensity and sets the tone of the evening perfectly. You can call it flashy but it hogs the limelight effortlessly. Not to mention, Red suits almost all complexions ranging from fair to dusky.

Well, only an ice-queen will hold a firm a ground about her abstinence towards Red and I am definitely not the one. Given the right cuts and bearing a good brand label, Red becomes your downright confidante when you are out on a dinner date.

I bought this off-shoulder crop top from the nearby ONLY outlet and I always swear by their fit. Chose these leggings because I have been killing myself in the gym to tone down my legs and I think I have come halfway through and here are showings off the progress. Well, what a fitted pair of leggings does, a pair of jeans can never do, they define each curve and I am rightfully obsessed about leggings over jeans.


Also, because the top is loose around the stomach, these pair of fitted leggings sets the tone of the whole outfit giving it a shapely appearance and leading your eyes downwards to my red high-heeled pumps which visually adds to my height.

I am a minimalist about accessorizing so went easy on it and wore a pair of simple yet statement-generating ear-rings. but obviously the Red nails had to be there to match the mood.

So, that’s how I envisioned myself in this dress beforehand and result is before


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