Dining space on theme of brown color and hard wood

Dining space or dining room is one of the priority. A place for your family to relax and enjoy their dinner, lunch or breakfast. So, since it is a vital place for all of us, a special treatment should be provided to space.

It includes furniture, paints or floor that can be given a theme to approach with more sensible space for living. Few features that are discussed on the theme of brown color and the brown hardwood.

Hardwood furniture:

Brown hardwood furniture is chosen because of the hardness of the wood, the fine textures that is natural. The natural hardwood has a wonderful flow of textures, implies a uniqueness in the furniture.

The hardness of the wood leads to the durability of the furniture. So the selection of the wood can be precise of the texture, longevity and the ultimate designs created for space. Since the designs are based on hardwood brown in color it can provide an exclusive feature to the dining hall.





Chair designs:

The space for the dining area can provide a seating arrangement of  5 people. The seats are round with a softness on cushions fixed on the chairs. The wooden made chairs are of brown hardwood with exposure of textures or grains in the natural wood.

Long lasting chairs that are designed to match the theme and improves the lucrative outlook of the space. The round shape of the backrest of chairs is also fixed with the cushions to make it more comfortable.

din 3 fin

Table leaf shaped

Though it is an irregular shape for any dining area as it may not allow utilizing the entire space. But in case of the space with a larger area can be used to place such exceptional tables. The polished table which is brown in color, hardwood and fine texture increases the elegance of the space.

Dine in such exceptional stylish dining tables cherishes every moment each and every day. The tables acquire a thickness of 3 inches that is tough enough to retain its quality for a long term.

Copy of din 3 fin


The walls have been given a traditional touch with the floral painted walls. Small white flowers with the dark brown stems on the entire wall, only two walls are taken so that it does not look too much clumsy.

The rest of the two walls are painted light brown so that there lays a contrast between the two brown colors. The contrast emphasis on the zone will create a uniqueness to the dining room.


chairs din


Rugs or carpets:

Carpets with artistic designs create an eye catchy atmosphere. The fine artistic designs on the carpet with the combination of the dark brown and light brown is the perfect match with the furniture and the wall.

The interior designs are based on the traditional decorations where the rugs as you can see fine designs. The wood though in modern interior designs cannot be replaced but the thickness of the table signifies the inspiration from the traditional interior designs or decoration.

Hardwood is the priority for furniture since ages. Traditional hardwood furniture has always an elegance to the entire space apart from its long-lasting durability.


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