How to Properly Do Kettlebell Squats and What are The Benefits

It’s never too late to exercise. Well, you are not a nursery student that I will need to elucidate you on the benefits of working out but I can understand making time for it after managing boisterously naughty toddlers and work becomes really taxing. I too had to fight my inner demons and grow out of the couch to work out 6 months after giving birth and the breastfeeding period was well over.

I have Airtel connection in my television and on turning it on, a channel bursts into my sight on fitness where Shilpa Shetty teaches yoga and light cardio vascular exercises, no offense but that seems more like an advertisement of her hard-earned chiselled figure with those skimpy fitness wears. However, there is no alternative to strength training if you want to garner the result faster. There is more to strength training than what meets the eye and once you get a hang of it, is gauges your interest all right.

I don’t have a disdain towards Yoga or Aerobics but my previous trainer scoffed at them citing ‘Hath pa chhora’ . I can’t agree with him more, because I have been through this process and ended up disappointed and de-motivated. Strength training gives you the liberty to enjoy the delectable food options and still lose weight faster, without those bizarre sprouts-eating diets.

It is said that most of the fat accumulates at the lower part of a woman’s body, especially the thighs and back. So, your exercises have to ne strategic to attack the cellulites in those parts and you will start noticing the results. Trust me, it’s exhilarating to notice the changes in you and your confidence level goes up a notch. You will go bonkers when you start bidding adieu to the loose fat and skins start to tighten up.

Kettlebell squat is a very effective exercise for your legs that also bolsters the flexibility of your body. If you are a beginner at the gym, you can pick up the lesser-weighing ones, that is 2 kilos at the most. It is a great lower body exercise that tones up your thighs and legs, strengthens your quad, hip flexors, lateral muscles, calves, glutes and the hamstrings. This also improves your core strength so losing fat around the belly becomes a cakewalk. What’s more, it burns calories more than the LegPress machine so I will always vouch for dumbbells and kettlebells than dumb machines.

How you do it:

  • Grab a kettlebell close to your bosom
  • Bring yourself to the squatting position (pretend there is a chair kept at the back and you are sitting on it, hips will go down but the chest will be out)
  • To perfect the squat position, you can use a gym-ball at the back too (for beginners)
  • Now grabbing the kettlebell, do your squats, make sure the heels don’t leave the ground.
  • You will feel the burn around your hamstring muscles and glutes with the exercise.
  • I will suggest 10 counts in 3 sets ( make sure to complete 3 sets). The counts in each set should increase gradually as you become more seasoned with it.
  • Exhale while going down and inhale while going up.

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