Eid, Ego and Super-ego

The first person, who crossed my mind after doing some mental gymnastics upon the treatment of this article, was the grandmaster of Box Office Salman Khan. My article too is an Eid release, however late and however small as a grasshopper it looks before Salman Khan’s ones, one should be proud of what one does.

I too am lovesick for Salman Khan’s devil-may-care attitude irrespective of his controversies, now don’t block me for being honest and not pretending to echo the intellectuals.




There are not very many countries which shine as bright as India does on the matrix of celebrating each other’s festivals, and I have always had my tongue wagging for the Eid Biriyani invites at my friends’ place come Eid. Now sadly, I am a recluse, I have been taken jibes on by friends that being a mommy made me one but solitude gives me pleasure, it helps me think and create. I like company and not like it in the same vein.


Being a Features Writer has inundated me with the eloquence to stuff an article with ornamental words where there is nothing significant to write and you have to keep people intrigued. So I am squeezed out sugarcane now with no word-carbs left in me, all juiced out. So coming to the point, Lol!



I am on cloud nine after having lost oodles of weight and frantically draining out my salary on western outfits, but like Raita only looks better by the side of Biriyani and Indian wear is, ubiquitously Biriyani for us women, and of course western wear is Raita that I supposed you have already guessed. These wide legged Palazzo pants I had handy for uncle-in-law gifted it to me last Puja. This Kashmiri Jacket was a gift from my mom, so my total ensemble is ‘Porey Paoa Choddo ana’ . Underneath I am wearing a tank top from 104 Degree F and I guess the jacket adds some extra few inches to my personality. Hang on! Only the glass heels I bought with my money and here’s how I decked myself up for an Eid invite.

I created this look from scratch in my wardrobe and I think I fared. Never shy away from seizing opportunities to dress up, it is a healing drive for your confidence, at least to mine.



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