Amazon Alexa Product Review

Amazon’s new breakthrough innovation is Amazon Alexa which vows to better your life from every which angle. It minimizes your work and optimizes your productivity by providing best assistance. Alexa is a cutting-edge echo speakers which is now in its second generation that supports the readers with thousands of hours of reporting and testing thereby helping you find the stuff you need for a better life.


These echo speakers are wire-free and completely useful. No wonder, Alexa has created quite a buzz in the market as soon as its release. Amazon has laid out a slew of echo speaker range so as to expand its music, make your home smarter, and providing you digital assistance round the clock. This looks like a simple wireless speaker but it is much more, to say a pocket size powerhouse for you.

Alexa reacts to the sound of your voice and absorbs your commands in a jiffy. It thereby plays music, searches the web, creates to-do and shopping lists, shops online, gets you instant weather reports and controls smart home products. So obviously, you can understand this is completely next-gen and dedicated to make your life worthwhile. You will forget to reach out to your smartphone when there is Alexa is to keep you company.


Alexa comes with echo-smart speakers which also takes you command to dim the lights or play the music tracks. What’s more, Alexa has no activation button and it just starts with your voice. It is quick-responsive to commands like “Alexa”, “ Echo”, “Amazon” or “Computers”. You need to however, set up everything correctly beforehand and use the correct commands to get it rolling. You may need some time to get the hang of it but once you master the quirks, there is nothing more easier than handling Alexa. It starts feeling more natural and responsive than speaking to a phone. Remember, you have been introduced with Apple’s Siri and this is Amazon’s instalment in the voice assistance program.


Alexa makes your life so simpler that you will stop fidgeting with your smartphone while you are at home, which is not only good for your physical health but also brings to you much more mental peace. However, Alexa only pairs with some Alexa-compatible devices in your smart-home. It is so useful that you will forget launching phone apps in succession too. Alexa comes with one app but it is mostly for set-up and configuration which enables you to add new abilities and view to-do or shopping lists. It is as simple as walking into a quiet room and asking for music or simply turning on the lights. Ask anything to Alexa, ranging from “Who is guy fawks?” to “ Alexa, how many pints are in a Gallon?” , you will be retorted with the well informed answers every time by Alexa. You can ask Alexa to remind you of your doctor’s appointment or make a shopping list for you, Alexa will fare in everything. The most beautiful part about Alexa is that it keeps improving the longer you own it.

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