What Are The Surefire Benefits of Doing Kettlebell Swings At The Gym




Sadly, I am not a public figure yet and crunching bone at the gym for a figure. While scrolling down my Instagram feed lately, I bumped into a picture of Parineeti Chopra endorsing the sportswear brand Speedo where her toned legs glistening in the soft morning sun really caught my fancy. I have no qualms in saying that I am a fitness fanatic, everyone has their own area of interests and I would rather give up on travelling to places to pay for my 5 star Gym subscription.

However, I will not beat around the bush and come to the point straight up, that is, I have a fondness for kettlebell because it is easy to grip and it’s fun to workout with. To tell you, the most 5 star gyms are akin to fish markets where you have to queue up for getting your turn at the machine, the only respite is people use pricey perfumes so no body odour and there are workers to remove your exercise mat from the floor when you are done and you are addressed as ma’am here and there. Lol!

Whatsoever, I never visited any ration shop and paid my electric bills through my smartphone apps so queuing  up was never my wheelhouse.  I rather choose to do strength training with kettlebells and dumbbells, precisely, I am made to do because my trainer is of the belief it burns more calories and accelerates the weight loss way faster than machines. Talking about Kettlebells, they are great tool to use in an exercise regimen because they offer you versatility. My personal favourite from trysting with the kettlebell is swinging it in the air with the help of my core that helps strengthening the core muscles and flattens the belly faster. (P.S- I reduced 2 inches in 2 months)

However, I will give you three brief pointers why you should do kettlebell swings:

  • It burns a lot of calories: It creates a lot of metabolic disturbance in a short amount of time which results in buring 15-20 calories in a minute.
  • It strengthens your posterior: So ladies, if you have been meaning to wear those backless dresses and blouses but shied away because of the flab, doing kettlebell swings can be a boon for you at it tones down your back.
  • Kettlebell swings provide cardiovascular conditioning: It means that you without having to run from pillar to post, you will need to pick up a heavy kettlebell and swing it up in the air as high as you can. You will feel the burn in your biceps, shoulders, back, core and hips.

Know how to do kettlebell squats in this video:

kettlebell swings


Quick tip: Like I am doing in this video, you can switch from kettlebell swings to burpees. 4 each in 4 sets back to back. It should depend on your resistance level and I suggest increasing the counts as you become stronger.


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