Anti-gravity Pulls Benefits

Well, my son’s summer vacations have started and while his frolics and gambols fill up the air in my house, I revisit my days of school when summer vacations started and I sat glued before the television watching Hindi space drama ‘Captain Vyom’ and the Desi superhero series ‘Shaktiman’, that I presume we all did. The concept of binge watching hence goes eons back and Netflix is only the new kid on the block. I have been a zestful admirer of Space Dramas from childhood, so Captain Vyom just feels like yesterday. Oh Milind Soman!

Hang on there, did I spare 111 words on how I spent my summer vacations watching Captain Vyom just to depict how I felt doing anti-gravity pulls at the gym? So what if being an astronaut was way out of my league? I get to defy gravity too like Captain Vyom’s space ship doing anti-gravity  pulls at the gym. Lately, my trainer asked me to do this, of course with him helping, but I refused curtly because it would take me to hang there like a bat with my whole body weight left on my arms. I am a worry-wart when it comes to arm workouts because those are my weakest part, I rarely did backdips or benchdips during my shoulders day at the gym fearing I would not even be able to take my baby in the lap afterwards who completely loves to cling to them when I am home.

But this time, Shubham, my Cancerian strict trainer made me do abject surrender to his determination. He looked sternly at me in a manner while instructing that I felt whether he is prepping Priyanka Chopra up for Mary Kom-2. However, I already said I admitted defeat, not to the exercise, to his will. I am hereby doing the gravitational pulls which is really beneficial for the arms and shoulders and leaves them shapely so that you can rock the off-shoulder, halter and backless dresses.


Take a quick look at the benefits of doing gravitational pulls:

  • It develops strength and challenges your muscles.
  • This is a great core workout too which trims your abdominal fat
  • Needless to say, it shapes up your shoulders and arms
  • It strengthens your back muscles and cures all your back problems

However, if you are a gym-buff, you may have seen men hanging from a bar and pulling themselves up. This machine is to be found only in gold class gyms which assists you to do your pulls better. I have already spoken about how my tryst with the machine had been and here under I am providing a video of mine doing it.

Some tips:

  • Keep your grip strong because there are chances to fall down if you are a beginner
  • Be careful while doing the pulls and only attempt this when you think you have grown enough strength in your arms
  • Always seek help from a professional trainer to determine the weight for you.




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