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Amazon giving a landslide discount on Potlis which will go with your traditional outfit for any occasion. Potlis have never faded out of fashion and still charming hearts. These traditional Potlis are made from intricate threadwork and the materials that had been used are mostly silk or cotton. The designs are going to leave you spellbound and we especially recommend you to have a close look on the tassels used for the closing panels. If you are a little fussy about designs and have no liking for the commonplace ones, you can chose from a wide variety of handmade designs that are made from choicest of fabrics and zari-threads only to keep you on the hook.


Potlis are the first choice for the saree and traditional outfit lovers as being traditional , easy to use and spacious. A zari-work potli can add that extra oomph to your outfit and seals the look for you. Your potli is sure to be noticed when you walk into a party. Those who want to pull out royal ditch on regular vanity bags are suggested to go for these potlis. Then, no matter if you are wearing a traditional saree or a chiffon one, Amazon has potlis for every type. You can also lay your hands on various colours to match with your outfit.



As we have already mentioned above, these potlis are very spacious which can protect your mobile phone, car keys, lipstick, mascara, body mist in its giant belly. The only problem with the clutch purses are that they are not as spacious but just eye-candies. Also, handling them is quite a task too as most clutch purse don’t come with strings. These are mostly hand-held and hence pique you when you are enjoying your food. On the contrary, potlis are pretty easy to handle as they come with strings and you can simply hand them from your wrist while enjoying your food, taking care of the baby, touching-up your make-up et al.


Not only with sarees, these potlis can go with kurtis also. The college-goers who steer clear from wearing sarees for they don’t like much fuss and resort to kurtis, they can buy into these potlis for the same reason. These potlis are completely fuss-free and go down well kurtis too. If you are a college-goer, then you are probably not as much into accessorizing and make-up. We suggest you to simply carry one of these potlis with your simple kurta look which will not only add the extra drama is your entire appearance but also make you look lady-like.

These threadwork handheld potlis are smart to look at, easy to carry and can completely compliment your traditional outfit. In fact, when you will have one of these in your collection, you will have an intrinsic urge to wear traditional clothing thereby making your Mummy super happy.

So, what are you waiting for, take your pick before stocks run out. These potlis are wonderful, cool. Chic and sassy.

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