Here’s Why You Need to Adapt to Healthy Snacking in Order to Stay in Shape

The 5 pm hunger is commonplace among office-goers. The excessive work pressure is sure to exhaust you of calories and as the clock strikes 5, you start feeling the hunger pangs. While it turns in your stomach, your taste buds crave for something spicy because you already are a hostage to unhealthy eating habits and bad habits die hard. Those extra calories accumulate in your waistline thereby making you bid adieu to your skinny jeans with moist eyes. Staying in shape brings you confidence of a different kind and needless to say you hog the limelight effortlessly no matter what you are wearing. Besides, the horizon of choices expand too when it comes to dressing up. Hence, it is an imperative to practise healthy eating right now and steer clear of greasy snacks. Here are some healthy yet filling munchies that would make you feel fresh and lighter until your dinner:

Mixed nuts:

When you are in a mid-day slump, the best you can do to chew on a bowl full of mixed nuts which are full of nutrients and supplies energy. This kind of snacks are inundated with fiber that keeps your heart healthy too.



A bowl full of fruits have no parallel. This is the pick-me-up snacking option you should resort to while you have embarked upon the weight-loss journey. Stuff the bowl with  fruits like Papaya, Apple, Grapes that have myriad health benefits.



Make sure the butter-level is moderated and you are good to go. Pop corns are the most tasty and healthy option in munchies that you can munch on while working. It also keeps you full for a certain amount of time so go for it.



Sprouts are easy, all you need is to soak them overnight in water and carry it in an air-tight container to the office. This is the most coveted option among weight-watchers to curb the 5 pm hunger pangs as containing living enzymes of the highest order. Eating sprouts boost your blood circulation, aids in weight loss, refurbishes your immune system, improves your eyesight, keeps your heart healthy, helps reduce acidity and many more.



You can carry fruit smoothies in your bag too and ditching the vending machine will seem like fun. If you want to go off the beaten track, try out the blueberry smoothie which is pretty tasty and filling to say the least.


Issue commands to yourself, set your goals and find out a new you. After all, striving to become the better version of yourself keeps you going and intrigued.


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