My Glamm Aquamarine Eye Pencil Review

Take a walk at the wild side with My Glamm Aquamarine Eye Pencil which helps your brown eyes pop like no one. My Glamm brings to you a plethora of make-up products crafted in Europe and the quality is beyond question Now doing make-up is your wheelhouse too like a professional MUA.

We women always have a tight-rope walk between black and other colours when it comes to smearing our gorgeous eyes with kohl. The widely available, that is to say the commonly coveted options apart from black are brown, blue and green but this Aquamarine Eye Pencil is one of its kind as being a standout colour with a fresh feel. One always has to go off the beaten track for spelling a breath of fresh air in her overall looks and this is your perfect go-to for an evening hangout session.



Leafing through the make-up tutorials, you will always find the expert make-up artists asking you to add some sparkle in the lower lid so that your eyes look sultry. The common problem however in doing that is you mess up your face wil the residue of the sparkles if not the eyebrush is dampened previously. Dampening the eyebrush too can’t save you always because    it takes expert hands to make the line appear smooth and void-less.

My Glamm came to your rescue in this and created this thick, highly pigmented eye-pencil with which you get a sultry stroke of sparkle without much hassles. Guess what? It doesn’t smudge and sits properly so forget looking like a sand paper exposed in The Sun.

The aquamarine colour has a beauty of its own and the onlookers can’t stare off from your eyes. Just a simple dash of eyeliner on the upper lid with the lower lid adorned with this beauteous Aquamarine colour will help you grab eyeballs. This is extremely blend-able and dependable when you are running short of time to catch up with your date. Drive him bonkers with your glances with this revolutionary product from My Glamm Europe.




I have been using this product for quite sometime and completely enamoured by it. Be it a casual evening hangout like mine here or burning the dance floor, this product is your messiah for every which occasion.


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