These Are The Bizarre Yet Helpful Ways To Motivate Yourself For Working Out

Health conscious people have a sunny disposition and positive perception towards things. They are the go-getters who stop at nothing because they worship what they have got and strive to make it better, starts with their body. You feel way more confident when you workout and see your body gradually transforming, muscles tightening up and being able lay hand on the smaller sized clothes. Being a couch potato and leafing through crime dramas may give your brain nutrition but drives your confidence into sparse because you lack vitality, fall prey to diseases and worse, compromise on your clothing choices. Why are you still clinging to the couch when people are breaking a sweat at the gym as madly as  march hare? The toughest part, however, is to motivate yourself to workout which comes from preparing a rule-book for yourself. Here are some some some simple strategies for all the lazy-bums out there for motivating themselves to exercise:

Buy pricey workout clothes:

Invest on those Nike or Adidas fitness gears which exhausts you off a good deal of money thereby being a trigger for landing you up in the gym. Nowadays, you are spoiled for choices when you enter their outlets and can’t stare off the stylish Athleisure outfit options they have. So go for them and see how it transforms your mind.



Wash your hair only the days you workout:

Start from working out at home which will help you create a foreground to beat the fear for gym. However, we presume that you won’t be able to remain as devoted to it everyday so set smaller goals and try it every alternate day. Wash your hair on the days you workout which will help you stay in a rhythm.

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Don’t open your social media profiles on the days you skip your workout:

This is for punishing yourself for having done that. Shut off all your push notification or else stop your hand from reaching the phone whenever something pops up on the days you don’t exercise. This will grow you restless and your overwhelming passion for social media will be drive for the workout.

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Rope in your partner for exercising:

We can well assume that you are happily in love and those are the chunks of happy fat that you have accumulated but then you need to shed those extra kilos to ensure a good health and a longer life together, so both of you embark upon the fitness journey together and couple workout is a tried-and-tested method to push the envelope.

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Set micro-challenges for yourself:

Figures prove that setting smaller goals help you stick to your routine better. If you are five minutes away from a five-minutes mark, push yourself for the remaining 5 minutes.


All said and done, you should not feel demented about your workout regimen. You should not miserly at the fun part so keep alternating your workouts with the other.



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