The Casual Sexism Indian Women Have To Face like No Big Deal

Pledging allegiance to social norms or diktats falls in the share of women by a long chalk. There have been gender roles in the Victorian era too where women were responsible for making babies, raising them, complying with the premeditated notion of gracefulness and beauty. But around late 19th century, the gender roles were more relaxed and women started commuting to their place of work-factory, shop or office. But there are always unrealistic and arbitrary social standards set for women cutting across the national barriers. In the onset of growing commercial influences and mass media, this relentless pressure of subscribing to the beauty standards to be accepted by society are driving women berserk. However, you didn’t see this reprimand to the beauty norms coming from a beauty blogger, did you? This is stark contrast to what I try to sell. But sometimes I feel being a woman is our undoing when I see those casual sexisms clouding our judgment.

We get handed the wine menu:

Because drinking whiskey is deemed too badass for Indian women as being the hard alcoholic drinks. In the general scenario, we are handed the wine menu in restaurants (the waiters are pathologically sexist too, in the regard), or vodka for being soft alcoholic drinks.

The restaurant bill is handed to the male partner:

This is the pervasive rule to hand the restaurant bill over to the male partner even though the woman is a top-notch professional. Waiters, as a regular practise casually assume the male partner is going to foot the bill.

We are catcalled:

They, the roadside Romeos chip away at our image by catcalling on the spectre of a girl wearing western outfits. However, this is not a scenario in metro cities, but yes in the small towns, there are bike-borne catcallers aplenty. Obviously, don’t make a stereotyped mental image of India, just saying.


Men always sit at the head of the table:

Because ours is a patriarchal society and on a man can ‘Head’ the family. Doesn’t matter how strongly the women have taken life by the tail, the ‘head’ has to be a man who, by default is entitled to the ‘Head seat’ of the table.

We get mansplained more often than not:

Mostly in workplaces, family gatherings on the topics of periods, pregnancy et al. We make a face like we have kicked the holy scripture when there is a Sanitary Napkin ad pops up in the TV screen where there is a lot of male crowd in the room.

Selecting the workwear gives us elbow-grease:

We have to be really choosy and discreet while selecting the workwear because we are always scrutinised for what we wear to work or if it has the merits to spark a man’s carnal whims. However, India has stringent laws against sexual harassment at work but still..

What’s worse, we also get judged for not knowing how to cook and men don’t cook at all with impunity!



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