These Are The Couple Yoga Poses That Will Help Rekindle The Passion Between You and Your Partner

Yoga is not a drop of ocean, it is the whole ocean of sublimity in a drop. If you want to meditate the ecstasy of love, you should practise Yoga. Like rain grows the flowers, yoga helps you listen to your own self, take a long journey within thereby finding yourself. There is a secret sound inside you, you only hear it when your mind is at peace. The key benefit of Yoga is also that it teaches you to be patient and chase your dreams head on so that you garner success when the time is ripe. There is a saying, one should go slow and be patient because the gardener too has to wait for the spring as to see the the flowers bloom.

Practising Yoga with your partner can bring you sobering peace and help you reconcile your bond. It also helps you reinstate the long lost conjugal charm after years of togetherness. When you practise couple Yoga, it becomes an idyllic sight to watch as the divine winds dance between you two.

However, here are some Yoga poses that you can practise with your partner to rekindle the lost charm in your relationship. There is no magic wand that can change your life overnight, you have to work towards it and success will follow suit.

Double Tree:

You can lean on each other in this Yoga pose to bolster the partnership. You will support each other in this position which will help strengthen your leg muscles. This will also help you establish a strong balance in your body. You have to hold this position for 10 breaths.


Double forward fold:

This provides amazing stretch to your hamstring muscles as you and your partner lean forward to perform this asana. There has to be at least six inches gap between the heels of you and your partner’s. The hips will be hinged.


Partner Camel:

This is another heart opener Yoga pose to perform with your partner which makes your relationship harder. You have to hold this position for at least five breaths for a good result. In the previous article, I have discussed about the benefits of Chakrasana, this bears the same fruits to your body and mind on practising routinely.


Forward fold/ backbend:

This yoga is a testimony to the saying that every relationship is about give and take. This is also a highly coveted heart opener Yoga pose like the previous one. It helps strengthen your core muscles.


Partner seated twist:

In every relationship, the partners have to move in the same direction to ensure a good bond for the long haul. This yoga is a great mode to establish communication between you and your partner. All you have to do is to listen to your body while shutting off the outer world.


You have spent swath of your days worrying about your relationship slowly becoming mundane, but you should not forget that you are responsible for your own happiness and performing these Yogas can bring you happiness of highest order.



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