Balinese Cosmetics and Hair Vitamins That I Laid My Hands On

During my postpartum years, I had hairloss in indiscriminate quantity and received winds of suggestions from the older women but nothing seemed to work as such and the hairfall perpetuated until my confidence went to a sparse. It is a common phenomenon in most women after their pregnancy to loss more hair in a day than expected which sometimes even leads the situation to alarming level. However, this situation is temporary and most women are likely to return to their normal hair-growth after 12 months but the bruised confidence is difficult to be dealt with. There are many readons for postpartum hair loss, one of the key reasons of them is breastfeeding.

However, in the same line as other women I too had my post pregnancy woes and decided to take care of myself after the breastfeeding period was well over, starting from the hair. I always swore by natural treatments and hence mixed some onion juice with virgin coconut oil, olive oil and a hair follicle boosting Ayurvedic oil which seemed to work wonders on my hair. Still, not being the one who would settle for less, I researched about oral hair vitamins too that would alleviate the growth of my hair and restore the shine. What’s more, I even tried washing my hair with beer but continuing that would lacerate at my pocket so stopped already.


Coming to hair Vitamins, if you are a little apprehensive about oral vitamins, there are many other external usage counterparts are available which are easy to use and highly effective on the hair with a promise of intense repair.

Bali, Indonesia is famous for producing natural  wellness products and I found these goodies while strutting about in a departmental store. When I was hunting marts for Blinese famius Bintang beer, I came across the oral hair vitamins too but ended up buying this bottled counterpart for external use because I too have a disdain towards random oral medication.


This had a sturdier appeal to me than the run-of-the-mill hair cair products that have a lot of cry but little wool. I have accompanied this hair vitamin with my regular haircare routine and the positive change was well visble in my hair. I really wonder how dirt-cheap products that we dodge past leave us amazed sometimes.

In this photo you can see a body-scrub or exfoliator too which I bought from the same store and that left me awe-struck also. I give a lot of importance to body exfoliation and have so far spent a fortune on pricey exfoliators but I think I will never regret buying this.

Next time I am in Bali, will pick these wellness goodies to my heart’s content and you too can once there. These are cheap, natural and very trustworthy.


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