Balinese Coffee That You Can’t Afford To Miss


A writer has no qualms in measuring life with the spoons of coffee because it keeps her company while she burns the midnight oil trying to bind the fancy-freeing thoughts of her mind in golden thread of words. It brings out her defiant genius when she is using her pen as a mighty sword during long nights. It helps her unsnarl from the outer world and bring her creativity to the fore. I too am very much fond of coffee and have by far laid my hands on the plethora of options available in I am pretty easily bored with flavours so keep experimenting. There have been times when I am jetsetting, sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, dug the various coffee flavours available in airport cafes and you can very well call me a walking-talking encyclopaedia of coffee flavours but never in my entire lifetime I have come across Coconut of Mango coffee until I visited Bali, Indonesia.

Mine was a conducted tour in Bali and as per the itinerary I was taken to the Ubud coffee plantation which came at the heels of feasting my eyes on the beautiful remnants of bygone past, the temples, so to speak in Bali. We scaled the distance from the beachside to Ubud Bali plantation with beautiful contryside in tow and upon reaching, was left mind blown to see the coffee beans and cocoa separately on the trees. Balinese people need hands down to be able to live with an active volcano and fear of Tsunami or earthquakes yet striving to better their agricultural endeavours. I had no nodding acquaintance to what was askew unless my driver gave me a brief introduction to the coffee planation until I reached there and tasted it. Until now, I was not aware of how cocoa was grown in trees, rather nod spared a thought on it although I loved sipping on hot chocolate on winter evenings.

balinese 2.jpg

It was completely enamouring to see how much effort they incorporate to restore the authentic aroma of the coffee. One thing you can be assured of that all the processes are natural to produce the coffee. The coffee-beans are handpicked and dried in sun before putting them through firewood for roasting. It ascertains the world class quality and aroma of the coffee and they would offer you a couple of flavours to taste so that you zero down on some and buy.

They take immense pride on the naturally processed coffee and quite rightfully so, being an ardent lover of coffee, I could not keep my curiosity at bay and tasted some of the flavours they hospitably offered. Instantaneously, I bought two packs, one of the Vanilla flavour and another coconut. I could not dial down my excitement as soon as I reached home and prepared two cups, one for me and another for the man in the house. The husband man noses into the descending level of the coffee, especially the coconut one and complains that I am too obsessed and there will not even be a grain left for him but I can’t help it.


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