My Vacation Wardrobe

I was longing for a vacation for long and was combing through internet for options as to where can I go for a beach holiday, international one at that. I have been skirting my whim for so long but now could not relinquish my urge to visit Bali as the images made my heart aflutter. Vacation, especially a beach vacation is the perfect antidote to your anxiety and mundane. Bali, Indonesia is completely worth your while in case if you want to ditch the traffic snarls and commune with nature. I am bent upon proving the potency of Bali as your perfect getaway because once there, you can feast your eyes on the idyllic beaches, ancient Hindu religious scene, catching the glimpse of wrecked WWII ship, binging on their authentic Bintang beer et al. Bali is a showstopper!

As soon as the agent confirmed the bookings, I was over the moon and packed my bags in an instant. I have been shopping for quite sometime because there was a maddening tumult of excitement in me already. However I am sharing with you what all did I pack and how I pulled them off.

I love the sea because it teaches me:

This Aqua coloured jumpsuit which I found on Fancypanthestore, instantly caught my fancy because I think the color accentuates my brown skin and a sure go-to for a cruise dinner. This is romantic and chic hence my favorite.


Shop here: Fancypants

The Earth laughs in flowers:

This floral print Monokini was a pot-shot for me because there was a sale running on the Marks and Spencers outlet nearby. It did not lacerate at my pocket and I returned home happy with an indispensable outfit for a beach vacation.


Shop here: Marks&Spencer

It’s time to maximize the fashion:

You can never go wrong with a maxi dress and this one helped me stand out in a shorts and tee shirt crowd in Universal studios, Singapore. This is from Veromoda and my complete favorite.


Shop here: Veromoda

Make that walk in the lounge count:

Let me cut to the chase, I put my calorie concerns in mothballs when I am in vacation and thankfully my trainer approves of it too. So these Cognac chocolates became my bae when the energy hit the rock bottom. Oh yes, the lounge wear is from and my favorite for the cuteness it overloads me with.


Shop here: Zivame

If vacation spells life in me, so does fashion. Tell me if I have fared the looks.


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