Indie-pendance Day!

” We live in the flicker- may it last as long as the old earth keeps rolling! but darkness was here yesterday”- Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness.

It is 15th August and the Lal Quilla is abuzz with culturally stung brownnosers trying to feign interest in what the PM is speaking about on the mic and fanning away to beat the sweat. In the morning, husband turned on the television and PM showed up in his usual garrulous self remapping the landscape of alarming issues in India ranging from Triple Talaq, NRC, Rape et al and he further vowed and wowed us by pledging to hoist the national flag in space by 2022, which obviously rendered us jaw-dropped in surprise. Hyperbole leads to public gain of faith, for politicians and for bloggers too. Lol.

Let’s  not twin politics with beauty blogging and like the untamed pigeons soar above the chimneys and towers on the sky, I too urged to give my diet a ditch and made the awesome-est and soft pancakes for breakfast with some extra dollop of butter atop.

The previous evening, I needed a detox dressing with Indian wear after returning from vacation. Indian wear in the eve of Independence day gave me a philosophical cast of mind patriotism went on a swell in me.

I called up my fellow blogger for  catching up over coffee and chose this brick red Dhoti pant and Kurta which gave me a remarkable resemblance to Lal Quilla. 😀



In 1930, American historian and philosopher Will Durant wrote that Britain’s ‘Conscious and deliberate bleeding of India was the greatest crime in all history and it took famines, epidemics, communal riots and indiscriminate slaughter to achieve out freedom that we are very well squandering. Forget it, let’s have the coffee and cheer for my brick red Indian wear whose color resembles the Lal Quilla.






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