What is 5:2 Keto Diet and How Does it Aid Your Weight Loss

Obesity is a pressing concern among people as it begets myriad health ailments. Caught in the cobweb of mundane, we miss taking care of the most important person, ourselves. Ignoring yourself for others is criminal because you will only be able to take care of others when you take care of yourself. Having said that, in pursuit to spruce up the fun in life, we sometimes go overboard with bad habits that is to say binging on the calorie-borne quick bites indiscriminately or consuming alcohol beyond reasonable limits. Of course, this completely leads our lives astray and makes a room for obesity.

For those who don’t cotton to working out or breaking a sweat, nutritionists prepare strategic diet plans to help crack a whip on obesity. There are many diet plans that are just mess of pottage but one among them scored a lot with the dieters that is the Keto or Ketogenic diet.

What is Keto diet?

Keto diet is a low-carb diet in which body produces ketones in the live to be used as energy. When you eat something high in carbs, the body will produce glucose and insulin for energy but when you eat low carbs, the body uses the fats to turn into energy and keep the functions going.

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What is 5:2 Keto diet?

The numeric figure suggests the days when the diet will be operative. That is to say, eating 5 days a week while keeping fast for 2 days. However, by fasting you are not asked to starve completely, women can eat 500 calories and men can eat 600 calories in their fasting days. This is easy, you don’t need to eat until 1 pm whereas after that you can eat fats, calorie, protein and drink coffee until dinner.

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What to eat on a Keto diet?

You can eat foods that contain a lot of sugar that are bread, pasta, rice etc and then you need to consume some healthy fat on the other days and eat the likes of butter, milk, eggs, walnuts etc. Keto diet helps you lose your body fat even when you are sleeping, but obviously.

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What are the ther benefits of Keto diet apart from weight loss?

Studies were conducted lately to find out the other beneficial properties of Keto diet and it is believed to be a great cure for Epilepsy, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol and patterns of LDL cholesterol. Aside from that other medical problems like Ovarian syndrome, Parkinson’s, Acne, Alzheimer’s disease, Narcolepsy, and some types of Cancers too are curable by Ketogenic diet.

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These are the useful and comprehensible insights of Ketogenic diet I have tried to provide here  but don’t forget to see your nutritionist before jumping the gun.



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