Looking To Lose Weight Fast? Look No Further Than This

I will talk here about Tabata workout which has taken the fitness industry by storm now. Tabata Training is a hard nut to crack and it needs you to get seasoned with intense cardio trainings beforehand as you attempt it. Tabata brings surefire benefits to your body and helps bring notable changes in your body sooner than expected.

What is Tabata Training?

Tabata is the infallible way to lose weight, increase strength, improve flexibility and even build muscles but it needs complying with the right method to yield maximum benefits. Tabata is otherwise called the High Intensity Level workout which was originated in Tokyo.

There was team of experts who conducted research on two groups of athletes. The first group was made to train in a moderate intensity level whereas latter was made to train in a high intensity level. The former worked out for five days a week for total six weeks, each workout lasting one hour. On the other hand, the high intensity workout group trained for four days a week for six weeks where each workout lasted for four minutes and 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest between each set.

However, as a result, group A was able to increase their cardiovascular system but there was no visible result in the muscle growth. Group 2, in that regard showed optimum progress in muscle growth, anaerobic system that is to say for 28 percent. So, the experts reached the conclusion that the high intensity workout bears fruits to both aerobic and anaerobic systems.

How you can do Tabata workout?

Each exercise that is incorporated in the Tabata training lasts only for four minutes, but it leaves your heart pound like a railway engine because it is the longest exercise you have performed so far. You will get a clear idea by glancing through the pointers below:

  • You have to work-out hard for 20 seconds
  • Rest for 10 seconds between sets
  • pledge to complete 8 rounds
  • No cheating

What are the exercises you can do in Tabata?

There are many exercises such as high-knees-burpees, bodyweight squat, lunges, floggers that can be tailored in the Tabata planning but I am laying down a list of workouts that the beginners can try and increase the intensity gradually or alternate the exercises with other options after days.

What are the exercises that beginners can do in Tabata?


High-knees help you blast your fat faster. You have to make sure that your legs raise as high as possible to optimize the results. Here is a video that will help you understand the workout. Continue doing high-knees for 20 minutes.

High Knees

Rest for 10 seconds

Jumping Jacks:

This is one of the best forms of home cardio workouts that works on your whole body ranging from arms to calf muscles. You have to continue doing jumping jacks for 20 seconds. Below is a video tutorial for jumping jacks.

Jumping Jacks

Rest for 10 seconds


Burpees or squat thrust is a full body exercise which is highly coveted during strength training as an aerobic exercise. The basic movement is designed in four steps. Here is a tutorial video of the same. Continue doing Burpees for 20 minutes, as many as you can do.


Rest for 10 seconds.

Mountain Climbers:

Your muscles control your body while doing Mountain Climbers and it is a great whole body workout. It helps stabilize numerous muscles in your upper body but affects the deltoid muscle most. Below is a tutorial video of the same. Continue for 20 seconds.

Mountain climbers

Rest for 10 seconds.


Skaters is a great cardio workout which is a lateral jump that raises your heart rate, strengthens your legs to improve stability and balance. The quads and glutes are strengthened by the exercise. Below is a tutorial video of the same.


Rest for 10 seconds.

Many people have confessed that they almost had their heart in mouth after performing Tabata but it is highly effective form for curbing obesity. Tabata has rose to popularity in just a few years which is really commendable.




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