These Workouts Will Burn More Than 500 Calories in an Hour

To be honest, burning 500 calories an hour looks like distant dream because even if you run on the speed of 18 kilometers per hour on the treadmill, which will almost make your heart explode, you will burn maximum 700-800 calories an hour which can be easily compensated by eating just a sweet. Let me cut it short, as days pass by, we increase the intensity of our workouts so as to optimize the effects on the body and reach the desired body soon. You may still not be privy of a few workouts that are likely to burn more than 500 calories in an hour without exhausting you to death.

High Intensity Interval Training:

This kind of training has risen to fame for a few months, albeit for catering positive results. For example, if you are a person who weighs around 150 pounds, you can burn 170 calories in an hour through this and guess what? you continue burning calories even after the workout. Follow this below video for inspiration.


Boot Camp:

This is a surefire way to burn your muscles and burn 500 calories in an hour. In a span of hour, you will have to do workouts like squats, burpees, pushups no matter of what weight you are. However, it will be harder for you in case you are obese, but then you will burn more calories too. Follow the below tutorial video.

Boot Camp

Bikram Yoga:

This is full 90 minutes power Yoga that will effectively burn 500 calories an hour. In the humid weathers, if you perform Bikram Yoga, you will be sure to burn the desired calories leaving you sweat profusely. It has a deep bearing on calming down your mind also.

Bikram Yoga


No one is a stranger to the names like Aerobics and Zumba who has slight idea of the different types of workouts. If you do your aerobics at the high level energy for 1 hour, you will lose weight in rapid speed. You can additionally wear weight in your legs too to make it more challenging. Here under, I am sharing with you the best Aerobics video that I have come across in the internet and followed also.

Aerobics by Bipasha Basu


People are obsessed with Spinning for a valid reason that is, when you do it vigorously, you are likely to burn at least 500-900 calories an hour and the ride seems like fun too. You will get in amazing shape without you even realizing it.



Circuit Training:

This will spell a breath of fresh air in your regular workouts. You can save a day in the week for circuit training. This is doing a lot of strength training workouts incorporated with squats, lunges, kettlebell swings and plank rows respectively. I have spoken a couple of times before in the previous articles the benefits of working out with kettlebell and circuit training is going to be superfun for you and you will lose 500-900 calories in an hour, may be more. Follow the video below for inspiration.

Circuit training

These workouts are apt for obese people who are looking to lose weight real fast. There are times when we are too eager to see the results on us and get compliments, try these workouts and you will lose considerable weight in just matter of months.





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