Dawki, your perfect weekend gateaway

There is an elemental richness in hardships, I am talking about those whose lives are far from being the pitcher of nectar, those who live in the mountains and deal with the drudgeries of nature, braving the sudden earthquakes and scaling the topsy-turvy roads for earning a livelihood. There is a reason why I found richness in it, not because I am romanticizing suffering, but I think they are rather lucky that Wi-Fi is low around them and the age of coquetry and social media didn’t spell a ruin on their innocence.

We planned a road-trip from Guwahati (where we put up) to Dwaki and driven by whim, we covered Shillong and Cherrapunji, the two places of Meghalaya district that are highly coveted tourist spots. Meghalaya is one of the beauteous places of the seven sisters in North East India and needless to say, a tourist attraction for its scenic beauty. I can’t contain myself when the hills beckon and here is a complete account of our sojourn in Meghalaya.

A few words about Dwaki and the Tamabil check post:

We have set out for Dwaki, which is a small town in West Jaintia Hills of Meghalaya, famous for the crystal clear Umngot river. Dwaki is also visited by a large number of tourists, especially those who have trans-national sentiment towards Bangladesh because their ethnic roots are there, as it has the Dwaki integrated check-post or Dwaki Border Crossing called the Dwaki-Tamabil border crossing. This is one of the few border crossings between Bangladesh and India. It is also called the Tamabil post.

I am herewith attaching the picture of the Tamabil check post that we clicked.


In the next picture, it is the Jujuba pickle and spicy puffed rice that came with love from across the border, brotherhood triumphs.

20180930_135847 (1).jpg

A few words about the Jowai highway to Dwaki:

Meghalaya government wins hands down for maintaining their roads and we didn’t feel the journey. During the journey, we were aligned with breathtaking scenic beauty and I can bet, there are only handful of highways in India that boast of a view as idyllic as this. While we were feasting our eyes on the cloud capped mountains, we stopped by and clicked some pictures amidst the busy road. We can stop traffic, eh?


Here are some more clicks of the highway that gave us goosebumps:



Dwaki is perfect for spending some alone time in the mountains while snapping ties with the bustling traffic of the city. The serenity of the mountains can turn you into a downright poet I tell you.

A few words about the Umngot river:

I will draw a lot of jibes from people if I call Kashmir a little overrated. North East India is no less paradisiacal than the so called paradise on Earth, Kashmir. Just that, it is unsung. You have to go off the beaten track to reach this river which is possibly the cleanest river of India, well thus far.


Dwaki,  which serves as a busy trade route between India and Bangladesh, Umngot is one of the key fishing spots of the indigenous fishermen over there. Tourists are allowed to do boating there too and soak themselves in the divine beauty.

umng 2.jpg

How you can visit Dwaki?

  1. To reach Dwaki from anywhere in India or abroad, you will need to come to Guwahati first which is the capital city of Assam district, North East India. You can come here on air and land in the famous Lokapriya Bordoloi Airport.
  2. The most viable option to reach Dwaki, Meghalaya is by road and there are several private vehicles are available from Guwahati that will take you to not only Dwaki but Cherrapunji and Shillong also.

Once you are in Dwaki, don’t forget to visit the cleanest village on Asia Mawlynnong which has been making the buzz for quite sometime now. We visited the village too and the details are coming in the next article. In India, Meghalaya is the most spectacular tourist spot where nature is in its unblemished self. The winding roads and marvelous scenery in every turn will leave you spellbound. If you want to see real mountains and rivers ditching the clichéd tourist spots like Goa, give Meghalaya a try!




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