Visit To Ri Kynjai, The Resort At The Lap of Nature

DSC_7560I always leap at the chance when someone asks me to visit mountains because that’s the only place where I reunite with myself. The picturesque nature always give me a philosophical cast of mind and I draw energy from it to accomplish my future goals. Sadly, many other hill destinations are over crowded such as Shimla, Manali, Dehradun, Mussourie but the distinguishable beauty of the Meghalaya’s Khasi hills is still underrated, thank god for that because you won’t have to put your fidelity to observation in pause for the annoying crowd.

Lately, we have visited this beautiful resort called Ri Kinjiyai which sits at the lap of nature in Meghalaya. It is about two hour’s drive from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam, India. The location is called Cherrapunji which is famous for being the wettest place of Earth for its incessant rainfall, the root bridges, and of course the waterfalls. If you are an adventure-junkie, you can also hire a bike from Guwahati to reach here.

Well, let me cut to the chase, If you are visiting Ri Kinjai resort in Cherrapunji, you will be exposed to an idyllic waterfront which almost all the rooms overlook. If you are too keen for it, you can ask them to arrange for a special lake-facing room for you. This will enable you to take better photographs and give you a panoromaic view of the mountains.

What really caught our fancy was the pastoral wooden décor of the rooms. The bamboo and rope detailing on the furniture holds true with the spirit of Meghalaya. The rooms are cozy and you will warm up for them in a jiffy especially because of the cutesy hanging balcony apt to sit, drink and while away time watching stars.

ri kinjiay 1

Upon entering, we found the residue of a tree (see picture above) which makes for a décor now in the well-kept lush green lawns. We still had our explorer’s glasses on while we bumped into this antique, an immobile vintage car whose ribs are almost sticking out and there lies the true beauty of it.


Oh well, we always get inadvertently drawn towards food even if we are at work because we are always hungry. However, this time tasting the food was the part of our job too and we give them two thumbs up for that. You get authentic local cuisine there in the menu alongside delectable Chinese and Continental dishes and perhaps the taste of the food was accentuated because it was served in the sitting arrangements in a fleeting distance from the lake. We aligned ourselves with the breathtaking natural beauty while enjoying the food and came back with a content heart.

ri kinjiai 2

I dimly recall I had visited such a resort with old-world charm in Jaigaon, West Bengal where my father was posted during my adolescent years. Ri Kynjai, in the same manner stood me defenseless before its intriguing atmosphere. If you are visiting Ri Kynjai any soon, share your experience with us too!


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