5 Easy Things That You Need To Start Your Home Gym

Creating your home gym can save you a lot of time and money. In one hand it will cut short the time you spend while commuting to the high-end gym and in the other, it saves you the outrageous subscription charges. Those, who are busy as beavers and yet looking to build that sexy booty should heed these below points:

Okay, first things first, to build your home gym, you will need a spare and spacious room. Obviously, I won’t tell you to exhaust your money on buying treadmills or multigyms, duh! I will just give you the names of some simple things that will bring you equal benefits as a gym.



There is a wide array of workouts that you can do with dumbbells. You just need to use the resourceful internet for inspirations. This buy is completely justified, and I will suggest you add pairs of 1kg-6kg dumbbells. You are suggested to buy the hex shaped ones with black rubber coating which last long. As you gain more strength, you will need more weight to optimize their effects hence up to 6 kg is suggested.

hex shaped rubber dumbbells


I have a soft spot for kettlebells and I am unapologetic about it. However, there are many variations of kettlebell workouts that you can do with dumbbells but then the kettlebell movements are unique to say the least. The movements that are done with a kettlebell will be more challenging than doing with dumbbells, so I would suggest you invest on kettlebells.

kettlebells .jpg

Medicine ball:

Medicine balls are great for polymetric workouts and you can do some core strengthening workouts too with medicine balls. You will have a sea of workout options with medicine balls. You can throw, catch or carry a medicine ball given it is soft. Also, the beginners can do a lot of workouts at ease with a medicine ball because the medicine ball exercises emphasize speed and power.

medicine ball.jpg


Your home gym will not be complete without a Barbells. One of the essential workouts, deadlifts can’t be done without Barbells. Also, Barbells bring stabilization and co-ordination aspects in your workouts. If you research a bit, Barbells should seem too expensive a buy.


Jump rope:

Jump ropes are infallible to tone your body to perfection. We all have used jump ropes to entertain ourselves as children. But then, this can work your co-ordination in a big way. There are durable ropes too for the beginners. You just need to brush up on your jumping skills and you are sorted for a fitter version of yourself.

jump rope

Resistance bands:

These are the tiny but powerful stretchy tools that make every workout extra challenging. Also, there are many options in resistance bands to suit different resistance levels. You can work different muscle groups with different kinds of resistance bands.

resistance bands .jpg

If you are a craving for a killer sweat session and gym seems to drain all the energy off you, these pieces of equipment and enough space in your home might be extremely beneficial to build the perfect in-house gym.


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