Freida Pinto Talks About Her Red Carpet Look!

Now you too can hack into Freida Pinto’s Red Carpet Look with some easy tricks. In this tell-all video, Freida Pinto, the Slumdog Millionaire actress with a megawatt smile revealed the secrets to her seductive look. Pinto, who has made name for herself after starring alongside the likes of Christian Bale, Kate Blanchett and William Dafoe. After the groundbreaking success of Slumdog Millionaire, there was no looking back for Freida as she was paraded with numbers of movie projects.

Getting to the point, we pay a thousand revisits to the celebrity looks to figure out what make-up products have been used to create those seamlessly perfect cheeks or lustrous eyes. Or for that matter, what is the magic behind the make-up staying there intact for so long? Make-up will not seem like a hazardous enterprise after you are done watching this video.

Freida is a familiar face in Red Carpet and Vogue got this diva to recreate her Less is more make-up look all by herself in this video. We took cue from Frieda how to practise minimalism, less is more!


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